AzRmusic All Mac Sounds Dedication to Steve Jobs

Made ~ DubFX

Comedic Interpretation of Imbruglia’s Torn

American WWII Vet’s Empathetic Trumpet

Bieber Ros

Musician Nick Pittsinger was joking around when he slowed Justin Bieber’s “U Smile” to about 1/8th the song’s original speed, but the resulting recording is being passed around the Internet for its epic ambient sound.

The recording is being compared to Sigur Ros and Photon Wave Orchestra.

Time to Get Classy

  1. Get your favorite drink.
  2. Open this in a new tab.
  3. Open this in a second tab.
  4. Open this in a third tab, and expand video to full screen.

I Got It (What You Need) ~ Galactic and Lyrics Born

I’ve been trying to figure out he lyrics for this awesome funk song. Can you help me?

You got to step [out | up ] on the corner, man. You know I got what you need, baby.

[something] Oh!


You want it? Baby, I got it.
You need it? Baby, come get it.

You want it? Baby, I got whatchya need, watchya need, watchya need, watchya need?

[Repeat Chorus]