American WWII Vet’s Empathetic Trumpet

Bieber Ros

Musician Nick Pittsinger was joking around when he slowed Justin Bieber’s “U Smile” to about 1/8th the song’s original speed, but the resulting recording is being passed around the Internet for its epic ambient sound.

The recording is being compared to Sigur Ros and Photon Wave Orchestra.

Adora Svitak: What Adults Can Learn from Kids

Abd el-Kader ~ Worthwhile Longform Essay

From the Rany on the Royals blog. Rany writes well on the humanity of his ancestor; Abd el-Kader and the Massacre of Damascus.

Google Wave’s Bye-bye ~ What Killed Wave?

Wave may be Google’s most valuable failed application to date because of Wave’s team robust reimagining and robust use of HTML 5. No doubt, we will see elements of Wave’s development put to good use in other applications, and as a springboard for new ideas.

Bravo! Encore!

Wave is the latest social networking failure from Google. Prior to Wave, Google was stung with backlash from Google Buzz; a semi-blog like addition to Gmail which cause an uproar because Google presumed everyone on Gmail users’s contact list was fair game to everyone on Gmail users’s contact list.

But Google was in the right place with Gmail as the heart of a social network, both because of the vast Gmail user base, which affords instant large numbers needed for a successful social network, and because most people’s entire network is in their email contacts.

The common thread among Google’s social networking failures is user-controlled groups.